In an update on Matt Sydal (former WWE superstar Evan Bourne) missing a number of dates for New Japan Pro Wrestling last month, for which he claimed was due to an issue at the border, Nikkan Sports in Japan reported this morning that the actual issue was that Sydal was arrested back on September 23rd while entering the country after officials found 2.12 grams of liquid marijuana in his possession for an e-cigarette at the Kansai International Airport.

The report notes that Sydal was convicted of the crime yesterday, October 13th in Osaka, Japan, however what his punishment is remains to be seen as the conviction likely would mean the end of his ability to enter Japan, who have very strict drug laws, as Japanese nationals would face imprisonment for up to 5 years for the same crime, while foreigners usually are deported and banned from the country, which would signal the end of Sydal’s contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Meanwhile, a report from noted that they spoke to a friend of Sydal after the news of his arrest came out, under the condition of anonymity, who stated that people are going to vilify Sydal for his arrest, but that before they do, they should take a moment to think about the fact that Sydal completely mangled his foot in a wreck several years ago and that Sydal is in a state of near-constant pain because of those injuries, stating that it is amazing that Sydal is able to walk on his feet, let alone perform on his feet and that people have no idea what he goes through on a daily basis with that mangled foot, so that if they vilify him, then they are vilifying him for trying to maintain the quality of life that he had before the wreck. For those unfamiliar with the story, while under contract to the WWE back in 2012, Sydal who then performed under the name Evan Bourne, was involved in a wreck that left him with his foot broken in four places and five additional bones dislocated.