In a recent interview with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, ROH Women’s World Champion Mercedes Martinez discussed several topics including initial plans for her AEW return in 2021, eventually signing with the company and more.

“I think it was just an opportunity, they reached out to me actually, I was actually booking myself crazy for like the last six months before that and just going all out pretty much, and literally a week before that show, I was contacted and basically they just said it’s probably going to be a quick in and out, Thunder Rosa and I was like oh, that’s great, that’s a great program, let’s see what we can do.

We already wrestled previously, like maybe a month, two months ago anyways, so this was just something for me to be back in the mix on, something really big and then, from there, the conversation kind of just escalated and just said, hey you know what, we want to bring you in full-time, so you know, we want you to be All Elite.

It was that quick, there was no talking to Tony at that moment, it was just like, here you go, here’s your contract, get to us when you can and that’s it. It was kind of, it was really, really fast, within days, so to me it was like, do I sign this, do I not, but of course, me, I want to be on mainstream TV right, I want to make sure my legacy still continues so I had no hesitation on that part.”

The full interview is available at this link.