In a recent interview with Evan T. Mack as part of the Kick Rocks Wrestling Podcast, Mercedes Mone discussed several topics, including her next career move in the wrestling business, her acting career, the possibility of her releasing music and more.

“I’ve been making some really big moves, big business moves and big money moves. Just this whole time of healing, I got to work on so many other things that I have such a passion for, I think fans are going to be really excited that finally I’m going to be releasing some music this year.

I’m still acting, and got some amazing, amazing things in the works, and I got to audition for incredible roles in movies, we’ve got to keep manifesting great things about that, and I finally think I found a home in a wrestling place, so it’s really, really exciting and I’m excited about these big money moves.

I think I might have finally made my decision, and I think it’ll be really soon, I’ve been posting my training videos, I’ve been training really, really hard with Tyler Breeze at Flatbacks and Shawn Spears, shout out to the Hybrid school with Funaki in San Antonio, and the New Japan Dojo in LA, I’ve been working so hard to get back to this place that I love, because little do people know, I was told that this is a career-ending injury, I like screamed at my doctor and surgeon, I said no it’s not.

I’m going to come back really soon, and I’m going to have just the greatest time, the greatest matches, the greatest career that I’ve had yet, because I see it, I feel it and I know it, soon.”

The full interview is available at this link.