In a recent interview with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Stick to Wrestling podcast, All Elite Wrestling star Mercedes Mone discussed several topics, including how far in advance her All Elite Wrestling debut was planned prior to the AEW Dynamite: Big Business episode.

“I knew for a while, that’s why it’s all about big business, I am big business baby, I am the CEO of AEW. Me and Tony have been planning things for a while, and we’re just in the works of just so many more incredible things. We’ve been talking for quite some time now, and I just think the alignment just felt so right now in 2024, and yeah, it’s just been…there’s so many beautiful things in the works.

When he called me the first time, I am like, I’ll think about it TK, we’ve got to build this relationship, you know let me keep on watching, let me keep on seeing this women’s division and I kept on watching the women’s division and my dreams just became so much bigger and brighter, and I knew instantly that I wanted AEW to be my home.”

The full interview is available at this link.