The following results are from a recent Michinoku Pro Wrestling event. The event took place on January 14th, 2024 at the City Workers Sports Center in Takizawa, Iwate, Japan.

Singles Match
Rasse defeated OSO11.

Tag Team Match
Speed Of Sounds (Yapper Man #1 & Yapper Man #2) vs. Brahman Brothers (Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei) was declared a no contest.

Tag Team Match
Ken 45 & Manjimaru defeated Taro Nohashi & GAINA.

6 Man Tag Team Match
Yasutaka Ohsera, Jinsei Shinzaki & Rui Hiugaji defeated Yamaya Ringo, Dick Togo & MUSASHI.

New Year Special Battle Royal
Yamaya Ringo defeated Yasutaka Ohsera, Yapper Man #1, Yapper Man #2, Ayumu Gunji, Taro Nohashi, Brahman Kei, Brahman Shu, Rui Hiugaji, Dick Togo, Rasse, GAINA, OSO11, Manjimaru, MUSASHI, Ken 45 and Jinsei Shinzaki.