In a recent episode of his Foley Is Pod podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley discussed several topics, including his incentive to lose 100 pounds, the potential of him wrestling one final deathmatch and more.

“Sixty is right around the corner, thinking of doing one final match for my sixtieth birthday, a deathmatch, I’m not kidding, I think it’d be a great incentive to drop those 100 big ones, I think it might be fun. I think it would be a pretty gory spectacle, I’m just thinking about it. I put it out there to two of my kids and they’re like, would you get hurt and I was like, yeah probably.

I wouldn’t have to get my brain rattled, I’m not averse to a few stitcharoonies here and there. It won’t be for everyone, and rightfully people go come on, that’s not good for you, but it could help me lose 100 pounds right. That’s what I’m missing is, I did drop the 100, but I had the WrestleMania thing, I was already down 50, then I had Vince in my ear, where I made the promise that I was down 80. I don’t have any type of incentive, so I’m just thinking it’s something I’m throwing out there, so this time next year, we might have to revisit that option.

Moxley, or Matt Cardona, I think Moxley would be the easiest, but Matt has that heat in the Deathmatch world that could really make it something cool.”

The full episode is available at this link.