WWE have announced that a collection featuring former Women’s Champion and current RAW star Mickie James titled “Crazy Sweetheart” will be added to the WWE Network this Monday, which will look back at Mickie’s matches in Ohio Valley Wrestling, her debut on the main roster, her match in NXT against Asuka, returning to the main roster with Alexa Bliss and more.

Full details on the collection are below:

Mickie James: Crazy Sweetheart

As a groundbreaking and powerful woman, Mickie James has seen and done it all. Mickie grants an exclusive interview to WWE Network and doesn’t pull any punches discussing her toughest opponents and most trying times inside WWE and out. Check out the matches that put the six-time champion on the map against the likes of WWE Hall of Famers Lita, Beth Phoenix and Trish Stratus. Then, join Mickie as she helps empower the female superstars of today such as Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, and the “Empress of Tomorrow” Asuka. Energetic and magnetic, there’s no denying Mickie James’ ability to entertain the WWE Universe.

Mickie James Intro

Mickie Talks: The Beginnings
Mickie James comments on her early career in Ohio Valley Wrestling where she competed as Alexis Laree.

Double the Danger
Before her days as Mickie James, Alexis Laree competed in Ohio Valley Wrestling and teamed with Jillian Hall against Gail Kim and Passion.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
The relationship between Alexis Laree and Jillian Hall turns into a heated one-on-one battle in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Mickie Talks: Pitching To Vince
Mickie James shares some rare insight into being called up to the main roster and the transition that followed.

A Little Help from My Friends
Raw 648 – Mickie James receives some welcomed assistance when she takes to the ring for her debut match against Victoria.

Love and Respect
Royal Rumble 2006 – Mickie James’ unrequited love interest, Trish Stratus, officiates her match with Ashley.

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
Saturday Night’s Main Event – Mickie James’ obsession with Trish Stratus takes a shocking turn when they face Victoria and Candice Michelle.

Mickie Talks: Rivalry with Trish
Mickie James remembers her unforgettable rivalry with Trish Stratus and comments on the impact that it had on her career.

The Inmate Runs the Asylum
WrestleMania 22 – Mickie James looks to take her place in history by challenging Trish Stratus for the WWE Women’s Championship.

Nobody Does it Better
Raw 672 – Impersonations go a long way when Mickie James defends the WWE Women’s Championship against Maria.

A Fond Farewell
Survivor Series 2006 – Before leaving WWE as an active competitor, Lita defends the WWE Women’s Championship against Mickie James.

Mickie Talks: Revolution Brewing
Listen as Mickie James offers her perspective on the way the women of WWE were viewed during her early run.

Fan Club Assistance
New Year’s Revolution 2007 – Mickie James receives help from her fan club when she defends the WWE Women’s Championship against Victoria.

A Huge Misstep
Raw 719 – Mickie James’ efforts backfire during a Falls Count Anywhere Match for Melina’s WWE Women’s Championship.

Glamorous Upset
Raw 777 – Mickie James looks to once again capture the WWE Women’s Championship in a match against Beth Phoenix.

Twice as Threatening
SummerSlam 2008 – Both the Intercontinental and WWE Women’s Titles are on the line when Kofi Kingston and Mickie James face Glamarella.

Passing Judgment
In an untelevised match from Judgment Day 2009, Mickie James takes to the ring to go one-on-one with Beth Phoenix.

Mickie Talks: Divas Champion
Mickie James remembers her capture of the Divas Championship and gives some insight into what the title meant to her.

A Reality Check for Maryse
Night of Champions 2009 – Mickie James looks to put Maryse in her place by challenging her for the Divas Championship.

Putting Down the Competition
Raw 847 – Mickie James proves to everyone why she is a fighting champion when she defends the Divas Title against Gail Kim.

Three’s a Crowd
SmackDown 537 – Mickie James battles Beth Phoenix and Natalya in a Triple Threat Match for a chance at the WWE Women’s Championship.

Mickie Talks: Piggie James???
Hear Mickie James share her thoughts on her rivalry with LayCool and the unflattering nickname they gave her.

Gold and Hurt Feelings
WWE TLC 2009 – More than gold is at stake when Mickie James challenges Michelle McCool for the WWE Women’s Championship.

Just Desserts
Royal Rumble 2010 – LayCool receives their just desserts when Michelle McCool defends the WWE Women’s Championship against Mickie James.

Beauty and Power
SmackDown 557 – Mickie James and Beth Phoenix prove themselves to be a formidable duo during a Tag Team Match against LayCool.

Mickie Talks: Back To Business
Mickie James discusses her triumphant return to WWE after a period of absence and shares her thoughts on the current roster.

Home Again
NXT TakeOver: Toronto – After years of absence, Mickie James returns to a WWE ring to challenge Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Battling The Lass Kicker
SmackDown 915 – The rivalry between Becky Lynch and Mickie James explodes in a memorable 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match.

A Force to be Reckoned With
Raw 1271 – While Alexa Bliss watches from ringside, Mickie James takes to the ring to go one-on-one with Nia Jax.

A Taste of Things to Come
Raw 1273 – Days before her golden opportunity at TLC, Mickie James teams with Bayley to take on Emma and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss.

Less Than Blissful
WWE TLC 2017 – Mickie James looks to put gold around her waist once again by challenging Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women’s Championship.

The Past Hurts
Raw 1274 – Despite failing to capture gold at TLC, Mickie James proves to Alexa Bliss that she’s still got what it takes.

Mickie Talks: Lasting Legacy
With a celebrated list of accomplishments under her belt, Mickie James discusses her legacy and hopes for the future.