In a recent interview with Comic Book, WWE RAW superstar Mickie James discussed several topics, including why she wants to see a women’s only show be added to programming on the WWE Network.

“I feel that’s a very, it’s a big dream, it’s a big reach, because it’s so much that’s involved when you’re creating something like that. I feel like, where we are now, we have so much, first we have the Network, which has so many outlets and so much stuff that we can do and different types of products that we can put out there. We have the largest female roster that we’ve ever had combined between RAW, SmackDown, NXT and NXT UK and there’s a vast amount of female talent, more female talent than there’s ever been.

It could be an opportunity within our shows, sometimes there’s really only time for a female Championship match or whatever, but a whole show, even if it was just an hour, like a 205 Live or something like that, that is cultivated just for the women, is something I think would satisfy a market that really just loves women’s wrestling. It’s a chance for a lot of females that perhaps don’t get a chance to shine as much on TV to shine there and then, Evolution could be our big pay-per-view of the year.”

The interview is available in full at this link.