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Six-time WWE women’s champion discusses her departure from WWE and the details surrounding the return of her belongings in Part 2 of historic 50th episode of GAW TV

NASHVILLE – WWE star Mickie James opens up with unfiltered comments discussing the controversy over the return of her belongings and her release from World Wrestling Entertainment on the epic conclusion of Grown A** Women (GAW) TV’s 50th episode, which will debut on the GAWTV YouTube channel on Wednesday, April 28, at 5 p.m. ET.

“I just thought it was time to open up and be real and speak from the heart about everything,” said James, a former six-time WWE Women’s Champion and country music recording artist. James was released from World Wrestling Entertainment on April 12, the day after the company’s annual signature event, WrestleMania. A few days later, in the wake of the company announcing first-quarter record breaking profits, all of James’ belongings were shipped to her in a plastic garbage bag with her name taped to it. She posted about the incident on social media and the topic was trending for 24 hours.

“Honestly, I didn’t do it for that reason and I never expected the outrage. There’s so much that people don’t know about behind the scenes and how things are handled. It wasn’t just about this one incident, but I think it’s important to address it, and I wanted to address it with my fans first on GAW TV.”

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