The following results are from a recent Mike Bailey’s Fightertainment Spectacle event. The event took place on January 11th, 2024 at the Pilger Ruh Brewing in Pottsville, Pennsylvania and aired live on Twitch.

King Of Triangle Tournament First Round Match
The Lost Boys (Juni Underwood, Ryan Ryzz & Athan Promise) defeated Isaiah Prince, Anthony Musso & Puf.

King Of Triangle Tournament First Round Match
Miles Penn, Harleen Lopez & Cheeseburger defeated “Speedball” Mike Bailey, Tony Deppen & Journey Burke.

Fightertainment Championship Match
Jason Furious (c) defeated Rocket.

King Of Triangle Tournament Final
Charlie Tiger, Isaiah Prince, Athan Promise, Anthony Musso, Juni Underwood, Ryan Ryzz & Puf defeated “Speedball” Mike Bailey, Harleen Lopez, Journey Burke, Miles Penn, Tony Deppen, Rocket & Cheeseburger.

Wet Floor Sign Match
“Broski” Jimmy Lloyd defeated Mookie Summers.