In a recent interview with the Wrestling With Awareness podcast, Ring of Honor Wrestling superstar Mike Bennett discussed why he would like to see AEW World Champion and AAA Mega Champion Kenny Omega come to the company.

“Well you know, first and foremost, Kenny is one of the most gifted professional wrestlers I think I’ve ever seen, he’s had some of the greatest matches I’ve ever witnessed with Okada and I think his work over in New Japan speaks for itself, the things he’s done in BULLET CLUB, but I personally would love to wrestle him, I’ve never gotten in the ring with him, I would have a blast. I think the world of his talent and if he’s paying attention, please come to Ring of Honor.

I am a huge proponent of jumping to different companies, I am a huge proponent of all of us working together, because spoiler alert, the only reason why companies don’t is because of egos, because we all can’t just figure out how, like in this sport where it’s pre-determined, we can’t get past our own egos to be like, well I don’t want to lose and I don’t want this guy to win, as opposed to being like, no this moment could be really frigging cool for professional wrestling and to think of the people who actually spend the money, which is the fans, that’s what they want to see, so if we could just set our egos aside.

That’s why I love seeing Kenny go to IMPACT and then seeing The Good Brothers jump over to AEW, I would love it if Ring of Honor started doing it, I would love to see me and Taven show up at AEW, or me and Taven show up at IMPACT, because that’s good for professional wrestling. Me and Taven will put our egos aside, I know the Good Brothers will put their egos aside, like we understand what makes good professional wrestling and I’m a wrestling fan at heart, I’ve always been a wrestling fan at heart and when I see the possibility the guys could go, oh my God, Kenny Omega could show up at Ring of Honor, or Matt Taven and The Kingdom could show up in AEW, that excites me as a wrestling fan, not just as a wrestler, but as a fan.”

The interview is available in full at this link.