Major League Wrestling sent out the following:

Minoru Suzuki vs. AKIRA in Tampa, July 12

See MLW live at the St Petersburg Coliseum for Blood & Thunder

MLW have announced Minoru Suzuki (CONTRA Unit) vs. AKIRA at MLW Blood & Thunder ’24, from the Coliseum in Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL on Friday, July 12.

MLW is set to deliver an explosive encounter as Minoru Suzuki, the newest crusader waving the black flag of CONTRA Unit, faces off against the up-and-coming sensation AKIRA at MLW Blood & Thunder on July 12 in St. Petersburg, FL.

In a shocking turn of events, Minoru Suzuki made his jaw-dropping debut as a surprise entrant in the Battle RIOT, revealing himself as CONTRA Unit’s latest weapon in their relentless campaign to hijack MLW and spread their violent propaganda.

Known worldwide as a sadistic fighter with a hall of fame career, Suzuki brings a terrifying blend of catch wrestling and judo expertise to the ring.

CONTRA Unit, an international cabal notorious for their agenda of tearing down professional wrestling and using it to further their agenda, has set their sights on MLW, particularly targeting the MLW World Tag Team Champions CozyMAX. This formidable duo includes the MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Satoshi Kojima. In response, AKIRA has stepped up, determined to defend MLW and prove his worth to his idol.

AKIRA and Kojima, surprisingly bonded over their mutual love of dogs, have formed an alliance, representing a beacon of hope against CONTRA’s dark campaign. For AKIRA, this match is not just another fight; it’s the biggest test of his career. As a catch wrestling specialist, AKIRA is eager to showcase his skills and resilience against one of the most feared fighters in the world.

Minoru Suzuki’s reputation as a merciless competitor precedes him. His relentless, torturous style in the ring has left countless opponents crippled and conquered. Suzuki’s addition to CONTRA Unit only amplifies the threat they pose, with soldiers lurking in the shadows ready to strike.

The stakes are high: Will AKIRA manage to thwart Suzuki’s campaign and defend MLW from the rise of CONTRA? Or will Suzuki’s brutal onslaught leave AKIRA crippled, marking another victory for the international dealers of violence?

Witness the clash of two world class catch wrestlers and the struggle for the soul of MLW at Blood & Thunder on July 12 in St. Petersburg, FL. This is a battle you do not want to miss.

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