Major League Wrestling sent out the following:

Championship committee takes shape

Last week MLW revealed it has established a championship committee to put together big title fights from the top ranked wrestlers from around the world. Fights fans and promoters around the world are clamoring for.

But who will make up the new championship committee?

MLW can confirm the committee will be composed of promoters from around the world, including Mr. Toru Kido from Japan’s DragonGate as well as Andy Quildan of Revolution Pro in the United Kingdom.

Last night on FUSION, Alicia Atout also confirmed that the league is in talks to add a member to their matchmaking team in the league… who could also possibly land a seat on the championship committee.

WHO is the in talks with? Well, that is being kept under tight wraps. But what MLW can confirm is that the championship committee and league matchmakers have a major meeting set to discuss MLW’s next season, which kicks off Saturday night July 10th in Philadelphia.

What title fights are in the mix? Only time will tell but it looks like we’re in for a new era of Major League Wrestling this summer.