In an interview with DAZN, Major League Wrestling CEO Court Bauer discussed the promotion’s new partnership with the Network.

“Major League Wrestling is a sports-centered league. I think there are wrestling leagues that are like a variety show or a circus or over the top, for those wrestling leagues where it’s like you’re in on the joke, that’s kind of silly. I think that’s all great in away that it works for them, but for us, we really try to approach this as a combat sports league, it’s just like you’d see something in MMA or boxing, but in addition to the fight, there’s some weird s*** that goes down.

We’re grounded in reality, yet we have these unique twists and turns that we can play with that you maybe would see in other sports where we can control the outcome a bit better, that’s kind of how I, as the creator of this league, have developed this. It’s very much grounded in the world of combat sports where strange things happen with these very unique characters, but it’s centered around different fighting disciplines. If you were a fan of the early UFC’s, you see there’s a little bit of that in the DNA.

We like to try introducing style versus style fights. You might have a Mexican luchador, who has a very different style where it’s more of aerial combat, versus Tom Lawlor, a ten-year UFC veteran who can strike, grapple and tap you out, then you have the heavy hard-hitting style of the Japanese wrestlers. It’s a convergence of styles and larger than life personalities, but very much centered in the real world, we want that real edge to the product.

The interview is available in full at this link.