In a recent interview with WWE Hall of Famer Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman, Major League Wrestling CEO addressed the reports of a potential partnership with World Wrestling Entertainment and stated that he would only be open to a long-term deal that is beneficial for both companies.

“You know, we’ve always looked at different opportunities, we’ve worked with AAA, we’ve done some stuff with New Japan Pro Wrestling, Tom Lawlor was just over on New Japan Strong, we have a relationship started with RevPro out of the UK, so you know, we’re always open to looking at things, but the key there is, I don’t care about the clout or the flowers, it’s not a short-term transactional thing of oh great, we’ve got a problem for the viewers, or we can do a cross-over match and everyone will talk about it and we’ll trend on Twitter, it’s like to me, it has to be a long-term vision.

If a long-term vision makes sense, cool, but I don’t kiss rings, I don’t need that b*******, been there, done that. What makes sense to me is like, how do our fans benefit, how does our talent benefit, how does the company as a whole benefit, is there something that can mesh and build out something that’s mutually beneficial that works for them and works for us so you’re not sitting there trying to think about how they are going to screw you. How can we take it to the next level, is there something there, is there business there. Also, I have this complex thing where it’s like, we’re launching on new networks and stuff, do you really want the premiere to be like, hey it’s MLW plus this other thing.

You’re trying to get your talent over and your talent worked to build the promotion to this point and now, they’re having to share that stage with someone else and their needs and their things, you know, it’s confusing to the fans. Our partners are alike, we signed on to do this thing with MLW, now you’ve got this other company, what’s that about. It’s a little confusing and can muddy the waters.

You can listen to the interview in full below: