In a recent interview with Jeremy Lambert and Joel Pearl as part of Fightful’s In The Weeds podcast, MLW’s Court Bauer discussed several topics, including Mance Warner’s return to the promotion and how both repaired their working relationship.

“I think there is something to this, can you repair a relationship, do both parties have the balls to do it and can you get there, that’s a generalization, not pertaining exactly to Mance, but it’s always something in wrestling of, Oh my God, that person showed up there, I thought there was heat.

That can be intoxicating, the allure of doing something that people won’t think is going to happen, but with Mance, he’s just made for TV, he’s such a great promo, he knows how to get himself over and he’s such a distinct character in how he works, it’s so different than anything else on the card.

We looked at the Battle Riot last year, and we had talks between, there was a certain middleman in Alabama that was facilitating talks, and trying to repair the relationship. That had been happening since breaking down, and over time, the right moment hit, we got on the phone and it was a very quick call between Mance and myself, like a week before, or the week of Riot, you want to come, you doing anything this Thursday, come to New York, hell yeah, here are some more dates, hell yeah.

All of a sudden, the Second Gear Crew is showing up, and I wrote a bunch of TV and Mance is the spine for it, along with the Second Gear Crew, they are super entertaining and you add a little Microman into the mix and you have all types of weirdness going on.”

The full interview is available at this link.