For those who have asked and to clear up some confusion, there have been new talent debuting recently at Florida Championship Wrestling events, some of whom the live crowd are not familiar with and others who those attending are.

– Luke Harper is the former Brodie Lee who has worked for various independent promotions such as Dragon Gate USA, Combat Zone Wrestling, CHIKARA and many more.

– Lincoln Brodrick is the former “Real Deal” Marcus Anthony from Ohio Valley Wrestling.

– Joel Redman (real name Joel Pettyfer) is another British wrestler from Devon, England who has competed for the Frontier Wrestling Alliance, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom and various other UK independent promotions. He was a former Unified British Tag Team Champion alongside Mark Haskins, who sporadically competes for TNA Wrestling.

– Natalie is the former Buggy Nova, who has competed for promotions including SHIMMER, Vendetta Pro Wrestling, Big Time Wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance and various other promotions.