The following results are from a recent New South Pro Wrestling event. The event took place on August 5th, 2023 at the Singin’ River Brewing Company in Florence, Alabama.

Anniversary 8 Battle Royal
Walker XIII defeated Zac Johnson, Harrison Haze, I Am Sam, Saraya Saber, Rita Raccoon, Jameson Shook, Kent Havoc, Mike Cockslam and Bobcat.

Loser Leaves New South Match
Tibadow vs. Brax was declared a no contest.

Street Fight
Brennan Cole defeated Donnie Primetime.

Ladder Match
Brayden Toon defeated Walker XIII, Channing Thomas, Vinny Pacifico and Marcus Dylan.

Best Of Seven Series Match
Brandon Williams defeated Tyler Franks to win the series 4-3.

Singles Match
Kylie Alexa defeated Sawyer Wreck.

Bullrope Match
Special Guest Referee: Dump Sanders
Big Dave defeated Negative Lee.

Triple Threat Match For The New South Tag Team Championships
Akuto Death Society (Kevin Ryan & Chris Crunk) defeated The Carnies (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful) and MSP (The DangerKid & Aiden Aggro) to become the new Champions.

Steel Cage Match For The New South Championship
Dillon McQueen defeated Kenzie Paige and Hunter Drake to become the new Champion.

Steel Cage Match For The New South Championship
Hunter Drake defeated Dillon McQueen to become the new Champion.