FloSports, a tech company built around live, streaming subscription content, has been in contact with a number of top independent professional wrestling companies to discuss bringing that content to their platform, according to a report from PWInsider.com who note that the company, based out of Austin, Texas have been streaming live events from different sports over the last year and within the last week, unveiled apps for Apple TV and Roku devices as a way to expand their reach as a streaming platform.

The report notes that what will assist FloSports in expanding that reach is an infusion of funding that they have to utilize in their expansion, as in a press release back in August, FloSports touted that they had received $21.2 million in new funding to accelerate the online sports network’s growth into new sports and expand its existing verticals and that among those entities that have invested in the company was their initial investor Causeway Media Partners, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Discovery Communications and World Wrestling Entertainment.

The idea is to use the name FloSlam and charge $20 per month for access to live streaming and video on demand programming, including old events and documentary style features.