In a recent interview with Gorilla Position, WWE SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis discussed several topics, including the potential of him wrestling inside a WWE ring.

“It’s tough to answer this, just simply because I don’t ever want to give the impression that I’m trying to sort of angle for something right, I’m certainly not trying to go into business for myself or anything like that, but it’s unavoidable, I’ve seen a ton of sentiment from fans like, we want to see you wrestle this guy, we want to see you versus that guy.

I appreciate all that, that’s not something that I have any control or influence over right, it’s very much a case of like I said when Paul Levesque and I first started speaking, I made it very clear that I want to be part of the team, I want to contribute in whatever way you think is best. If at some point that way ends up being the best, then great.”

The full interview is available at this link.