Millions sent out the following: Signs 20 Athletes and Personalities as Exclusive Sports WatchParty Live Stream Hosts

Sports Podcasting Growth Slows as Live Streaming and Live Watch Parties Begin to Soar

NEW YORK – The sports entertainment world is seeing a shift. As the popularity of sports podcasts wanes, live streaming and watch parties are rapidly gaining ground in the sports entertainment world. Industry experts attribute the shift to audiences’ desire for real-time engagement and interactive experiences. According to Nielsen’s State of Play report, Americans increased their average weekly streamed video consumption from “143.2 billion streamed minutes to 169.4 billion between February 2021 and February 2022.”

Leading the way in the sports streaming space is, the premiere platform for live streaming and watch parties in sports. The company has brought on over 2000 athletes to offer products and services to sports fans, and to stream, create channels, and host watch parties. Recently, MILLIONS signed its first 20 exclusive athletes and personalities to long-term WatchParty deals, further solidifying its position as the go-to destination for sports fans to connect with their favorite athletes and teams.

“We are thrilled to partner with these incredible athletes and bring their unique personalities and talents to our platform” said Matt Whitteker, CEO of “Our mission is to create a new way for fans to experience sports and connect with their heroes in real-time.”

Some of the athletes signed to exclusive long-term WatchParty contracts with are:

— Irving Fryar, a former NFL wide receiver with the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, who was the number one draft pick and named to the Pro Bowl five times, and is a member of the Patriots Hall of Fame.

— Johnny Munoz, a professional mixed martial artist and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, who is known for his striking skills and has competed in Bellator MMA, and the PFL.

— Nick Aldis, a professional wrestler, 2-time NWA World Champion, and former TNA world champion who is known for his technical wrestling style.

— Amanda Ruller, a former running back for Team Canada and the Los Angeles Temptations and now professional football coach. Amanda has coached university teams, CFL teams, and now is one of the first female coaches in the NFL as assistant running back coach for the Seattle Seahawks.

— Adrian Yanez, a professional mixed martial artist and former LFA bantamweight champion, who is known for his grappling skills and has competed in the UFC. Currently ranked 13th in the UFC’s Bantamweight division.

— Kaytlin Neil, a professional mixed martial artist and former TUF competitor, who is known for her grappling skills and has competed in UFC. She was in season 30 of the Ultimate Fighter.

— Firas Zahabi, a martial arts coach and founder of Tristar Gym, who is known for training several UFC champions and legends such as Georges St-Pierre, Rory MacDonald, and Kenny Florian.

— Grant Dawson, a professional mixed martial artist and former LFA featherweight champion, who is known for his striking skills and is currently competing as the 15th ranked fighter in the Lightweight division of the UFC.

Fans can expect to see these athletes, and more, on participating in live streams, WatchParties, and exclusive interactive content. “We are excited to bring fans closer to the action and give them the chance to interact with their favorite athletes in real-time,” said Tyler Hosie, Streaming Operations Manager at “This is just the beginning of our vision to revolutionize the way sports are consumed and experienced.”

In order to be signed and offered a long term contract on MILLIONS, athletes must start hosting streams on the platform, and based on viewership overtime, will be offered contracts to build new live stream shows within MILLIONS. Additionally, whether signed to a long term contract or not, athletes’ streaming channels on MILLIONS can become eligible for sponsorship. “Our goal is to help collegiate, professional, elite, and former athletes have a platform and team they can leverage to build a channel that they can monetize. We make it easy and offer full support to the athletes to help ensure good quality content, revenue, and sponsorship” says CMO of, Brandon Austin. Already, brands like Gold Bar Whiskey and HONA CBD have started aggressively using sponsored streams, with embedded product placement, on as a primary source to drive brand awareness, generate marketing content, and sales. Gold Bar Whiskey had a record quarter during the course of their ‘MILLIONS athlete influencer campaign’, which ran during the regular 2022 NFL Season, and was centered around San Francisco 49ers alumni promoting the brand’s products.

As hundreds of new athletes join the platform each week, and establish their channels, is poised to be the top choice for sports enthusiasts globally, providing a centralized hub for all things sports.

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