New Japan Pro Wrestling held a press conference and presentation today at the Hikosen Theater where the company discussed numerous aspects of their business strategy for the remainder of the year, with appearances from NJPW President Takami Ohbari, BUSHIROAD Chairman Takaaki Kidani, as well as New Japan Pro Wrestling stars Hiroshi Tanahashi, The Great-O-Khan and Hiromu Takahashi.

Ohbari and Kidani discussed the promotion’s need to change their approach to handling both older, as well as younger talents, in response to societal changes, while Ohbari stated that the company needs to create a path to allow for post-college talent to enter the company as more than 80% of the population in Japan attend a vocational school or higher education after primary school.

Ohbari said that New Japan Pro Wrestling would like to create a path for older talent to transition to jobs within the company office after they retire from in-ring competition. Kidani put over young talent in STARDOM like Starlight Kid and AZM, noting that they started training at a young age and put over that he wanted to create a way for high-school students to begin their training in professional wrestling.

Ohbari said that there is a need for New Japan Pro Wrestling’s talent roster to get younger, with an emphasis on youth in their recruitment as they have more wrestlers in their 30’s and in their 40’s compared to just ten years ago. Ohbari discussed the NJPW Dojo in New Zealand as an example, noting that the promotion plan to run events in the Oceania region and recruit new talent.