New Japan Pro Wrestling star Togi Makabe will be appearing in the upcoming Kingdom 3: Flame Of Destiny movie, scheduled to be released in theaters on July 28th.

According to a report from Crunchyroll, the story of Kingdom 3: Flame Of Destiny centers on the “Battle of Bayou” arc, where the protagonist Li Xin and Wang Qi stand on the same battlefield for the first time to fight off an invasion by Zhao, and the “Escape from Zhao” arc, which tells Ying Zheng’s unknown past.

Additionally, the report notes that all of the seven main cast members, Kento Yamazaki (Li Xin), Ryo Yoshizawa (Ying Zheng), Kanna Hashimoto (He Liao Diao), Nana Seino (Qiang Lei), Hiroshi Tamaki (Changwen Jun), Koichi Sato (Lu Buwei) and Takao Osawa (Wang Qi) will return.