– Following last night’s edition of WWE RAW, when the show went off the air, John Cena got on the mic and said that it was still Shawn Michaels appreciation night in San Antonio and wants the WWE Hall of Famer to come to the ring, as they introduced a video package on Michaels. Triple H then came out followed by CM Punk as well as the rest of the roster as they applauded on stage. Punk got on the mic and said that Shawn Michaels inspired him when he was a teenager watching wrestling and said that he still has an autograph from Michaels back when he was 15 years old that he has saved and treasured.

Vince McMahon then came out after CM Punk left and told Shawn that he always felt like a father to him and that he loves him dearly. Vince then smiled as The Undertaker’s music hit and he came out in an unadvertised appearance to a HUGE ovation. Taker then said that Shawn was invovled in 3 of the best 5 matches he has wrestled in his life and that he’s a great friend and embraced him. Shawn was then presented with a plaque for his work in the community, as John Laurinaitis’ music hit and he came out, but ended up receiving a Sweet Chin Music. Shawn, HHH and The Undertaker then posed together as the roster applauded before everyone headed to the back.

– Shawn took to his Twitter account after the show to comment on last night noting, “Thoroughly enjoyed play’in “the big deal” last nite in front of my hometown & my #MRA buddies but now it’s back to the familia, ranch, work!”. HBK also commented on the CM Punk story mentioned above stating, “And to @CMPunk …thank you!! I never told anyone the story…it was yours to tell when you wanted. Thank you for sharing it w/San Antonio.”

– The company announced that they would be returning to San Antonio for a SmackDown taping on Tuesday, January 15th, 2013.