The following results are from a recent No Peace Underground event. The event took place on November 12th, 2020 at the Soundbar Orlando in Orlando, Florida.

NOTE: All matches took place in a No Ring, Deathmatch environment.

Match #1
Parrow defeated Tye Hill and Satu Jinn.

Match #2
Kevin Blackwood defeated Akira.

Match #3
EC3 defeated Atticus Cogar.

Match #4
AJ Gray defeated 1 Called Manders.

Match #5/NPU Championship Match
Eric Ryan defeated Kit Osbourne to become the new Champion.

Match #6/Body Count Battle Match
Allie Kat defeated Casanova Valentine, Alex Ocean, Akira, Eddy Only, Jimmy Lloyd, Dominic Garrini, Lindsay Snow, Matthew Justice, John Wayne Murdoch, Neil Diamond Cutter, Orin Veidt, Reed Bentley, Robert Martyr and Otis Cogar.