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RUTUBE Exclusive release: IMPACT Rebellion 2021 Wrestling Show

On April 26, RUTUBE launched the IMPACT Rebellion 2021 wrestling PPV. This is an important event for wrestling fans around the world as it helps grow our professional wrestling industry internationally.

Ex-World Champion Moscow Mauler (Oleg Prudius) – wrestler, former WWE promotion champion, actor, will exclusively commentate on all the matches. He performed at WWE from 2006 to 2011. He also starred in films including the 1 billion dollar blockbuster “Wolf Warrior 2”, “John Wick 2”, “Fast and the Furious”, “Grindhouse”, and “The Punisher”. Oleg is currently working on a new action film not only as a lead actor but also producer of MIAMI HEAT. Its “Taken’’ meets “Rush Hour“ set in Bad Boys style Miami during Christmas a perfect and thrilling time for a fall holiday release.

IMPACTS Rebellion 2021 with Oleg’s commentating is available on RUTUBE exclusively. Spectators will enjoy spectacular three-, four- and eight-sided matches, as well as classic single matches for both men and women.