After several weeks of rumors, AAA unveiled their 2 surprise luchadores at last night’s show in the Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera. Prior to the shows rumors heated up that Maximo might be jumping to CMLL and he even tweeted the following…


That led to people wondering if he would be jumping on the same night he was headlining at Arena Mexico as part of his regular trio teaming with Marco Corleone and Rush as El Bufete del Amor. As the AAA show started later, there were some even wondering if he could make it in time to debut. First surprise was revealed 40 minutes after the end of the CMLL show. A few other names were rumored during the weeks due to the depth in CMLL and several names on the independent scene.

Turned out that the first surprise by AAA on behalf of Dorian Roldan and La Sociedad was Black Warrior. Not necessarily a big surprise given he worked the Sin Cara Gym anniversary show and AAA has clearly done everything possible to please Sin Cara I from hiring his brothers to now one of his bigger rivals in Mexico. Black Warrior debuted in the Rey de Reyes Group D match-up, which was a bit of a surprise since that meant that match had 3 Sociedad members (Psicosis & Texano Jr. were also part of the match) going against AAA tecnico Psycho Clown. Black Warrior ended up the winner and now he heads into the finals of Rey de Reyes in March along with El Zorro, Perro Jr. and La Parka. Another odd 3 Sociedad members vs. one AAA tecnico 4-way match-up that I think La Parka will win.

The second surprise was revealed at the end of the show when Marisela Peña made the announcement of her surprise. The song “Ameno” which was Sin Cara’s entrance song when he was in CMLL as Mistico played and a shadowy figure appeared in the entrance to tease that he had joined AAA.

The name is still an issue with AAA right now because there’s still some doubt as to who owns the name despite most of the proof being on WWE’s side and the only thing on Sin Cara’s side is that he claims to own the name and hasn’t provided proof. AAA has been very serious about having the proper paperwork when it comes to names because of their expansion into the US. Most likely, there will be more teasing of Sin Cara being a part of AAA on shows until they can finally reveal his name or come up with his new name.