Ryan Barkan, the owner of Pro Wrestling Tees revealed on his official Twitter account that the company have signed deals with Martha Hart and VICE to release brand new Owen Hart t-shirts, along with the first batch of Dark Side Of The Ring t-shirts, with all profits from the Owen Hart t-shirts to be donated to the Owen Hart Foundation.

During a recent appearance on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast, Martha Hart discussed how she wants to give back to the fans with the t-shirt releases stating, “Owen really appreciated his fans and I do feel bad for the fans because, for example, there’s not a lot of merchandise available in regards to Owen for obvious reasons, that’s something that, working with Dark Side of the Ring, we talked about doing something to commemorate the episode. We’re going to put out some nice t-shirts of Owen for fans, Owen adored his fans. In the past, people have approached me, but it always turned up that somehow, there was a link with WWE. I’ve always steered away from anything related to them, so it’s always squashed opportunities, any sort of merchandise venture, we give all proceeds to the Owen Hart Foundation. I didn’t think it was right that a company like WWE would make money off of his name when I hold them responsible for his death. I never wanted to do any projects with them. Unfortunately, forever, they were the only game in town.”