Chris Van Vliet sent out the following:

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet as part of The Chris Van Vliet Show, former UFC fighter Paige VanZant discussed the possibility of her signing with the WWE, noting that the door is definitely open and that she has even made a visit to the WWE Performance Center.

Highlights of the interview are below:

Paige VanZant was invited to visit the WWE Performance Center: “Yes, I have visited their campus, the Performance Center in Orlando. I was able to go visit and look around and kind of get a sense for what it’s all about.”

She has been in communication with WWE: “Communication is actually there sometimes so we’re able to communicate and show our interest with each other and once there’s a little bit more free time in my schedule I think that’s something that I would like to really pursue.”

Does she have any interest in working for WWE?: “I do. I get asked about WWE a lot and I do feel like it’s something I would be very good at because I kind of have the best of both worlds; I was a dancer where I was used to the entertainment and the showmanship side of it and the combat sports side obviously goes into the WWE. You know, I don’t think that it’s something that I could do both (Bare Knuckle FC and pro wrestling) at the same time. I feel like I would want to do that 100%, so maybe it’s something that after I’m done fighting in a cage and in a ring that maybe I’ll go over to there but the door is definitely open.”

A clip from the interview is available at this link, with the full interview available via the player embedded below.