As part of his post-WWE NXT Takeover 30 conference call, Triple H was questioned about the future of Pat McAfee on the WWE NXT brand following his performance against Adam Cole.

Triple H said that one of the first times that he met Pat McAfee, he told Triple H that he wanted to be a weapon for him and wanted to do everything that he could for the NXT brand, which Triple H thought meant as an announcer, however Pat meant it in regards to him being a wrestler.

Triple H said that Pat has a lot of other commitments, but is very serious about becoming an in-ring competitor, so they will see where things go from that end. Triple H said that when they first talked about this phone call and that you can remember it in his WWE Hall of Fame speech, noting that Pat does not lack confidence and showed why he has succeeded in almost everything that he has done. Triple H said that Pat is a heat magnet and that when you add in a great athlete on top of that with a great feel for the business, he is going to do what he can do.

Triple H said that they are going to have to sit down and have a conversation to work things out, but that he does not think that is the last time that Pat steps between the ropes and said that a lot of people had different opinions before the match and changed those opinions after the match, praising Adam Cole for everything that he did, noting that Cole is a consumate professional on every level and has showed yet again why he is NXT as much as anyone else.