WWE announced today that a Collection featuring moments from Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco as ” Corporate Stooges” during the Attitude Era will be added to the WWE Network this Monday.

Full details on the collection are below:

Patterson ‘n Brisco: The Stooges

Accomplished Champions, Legendary Entertainers, WWE Hall of Famers… Corporate Stooges??? Join Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco as they host their very own WWE Network Collection. You’ll hear first-hand from the bickering odd couple as they offer never-before-seen insights on their wildest matches and zaniest moments. Keeping the Chairman Mr. McMahon happy can cost you, and Patterson and Brisco often learned that the hard way. Whether it was finding themselves on the business end of beatdowns courtesy of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and Kane, or getting mixed up in unpredictable 24/7 Hardcore Championship Matches, The Stooges always seemed to make us laugh. This Collection is a must-see for any fan of The Attitude Era.

The Stooges Intro

That Time We Got Arrested
Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco are up to their old antics as they reunite to share some memories of their wilder days.

Law Abiding Citizens
Raw 261 – Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson learn they are not above the law when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has them arrested with Mr. McMahon.

In Mankind’s Lair
Raw 286 – On the orders of Mr. McMahon, The Stooges journey into the depths of the fabled boiler room in search of Mankind.

To Sir with Love
Over the Edge 1998 – Mr. McMahon enlists his Stooges to stack the deck against Steve Austin when he defends the WWE Title against Dude Love.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself
King of the Ring 1998 – Sable makes Pat Patterson pay the price for putting his hands where they don’t belong.

A Stunning Mistake
When Patterson and Gerald Brisco attack “Stone Cold” Steve Austin after Fully Loaded 1998, they both end up at the mercy of The Rattlesnake.

That Time We Met The Undertaker
Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco revisit their unique relationship with Mr. McMahon and the punishment they received from The Chairman.

Sacrificial Stooges
Heat 06 – Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco learn the hard truth about their importance when Kane and The Undertaker hold them hostage.

Corporal Punishment
Raw 284 – As a result of recent humiliations, Mr. McMahon orders Big Boss Man to teach his associates a lesson in hard time.

Crooked Officials
Capital Carnage – The Stooges once again employ some crooked officiating during a Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWE Championship.

Testicular Fortitude Fails
Heat 25 – The Stooges end up costing Mr. McMahon a measure of humility when he faces Chyna in an Arm Wrestling Match.

No Match for Chyna
Raw 295 – The years of experience between Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco prove futile in a Handicap Match against Chyna.

Into the Darkness
Raw 302 – Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco go undercover in a search to find The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness.

A Little Warm Up
Raw 303 – Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco impersonate a legendary tag team to give Shane McMahon a chance to warm up for WrestleMania XV.

That Time We Beat Up The Posse
Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco share their memories of teaming together during WWE’s infamous Attitude Era.

Respect Your Elders
Raw 311 – Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco look to teach the irreverent Mean Street Posse a lesson in respect.

Wrongful Termination
Raw 316 – Mr. McMahon turns to Mideon and Viscera to help dismantle his former allies, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco.

Corporate Loyalty
Raw 317 – Years of loyal service to Mr. McMahon disappear when Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco battle The Chairman and his son, Shane.

Put to the Test
Raw 328 – Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco partner with Test to take on the reprehensible Mean Street Posse in a Six-Man Tag Team Match.

Knowing Your Role
Raw 345 – Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco spend some time with The Rock before he takes to the ring to fight for his career.

A Stain on Humanity
Raw 363 – The WWE Universe is treated to another side of Pat Patterson when he partners with Road Dogg and X-Pac against Rikishi.

That Time We Got Hardcore
Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco recall the days when The Stooges decided to go hardcore.

No Rest for a Champion
SmackDown 39 – Gerald Brisco takes advantage of the Hardcore Title’s unique defense rules while Crash Holly enjoys a little respite.

The Stench of Success
Raw 367 – Gerald Brisco tries to overcome an unusual handicap when Crash Holly challenges him for the Hardcore Championship.

All’s Fair in Hardcore Rules
Raw 369 – Gerald Brisco’s capture of the Hardcore Championship may be short lived when Pat Patterson takes advantage of the situation.

Luck Be a Lady
King of the Ring 2000 – Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco show everyone another side of themselves when they meet in an Evening Gown Match.

Those Were Good Times
Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco share their thoughts on how they will be remembered due to their legacy as Mr. McMahon’s Stooges.