In a recent interview with BT Sport, Paul Heyman discussed several topics, including working with Roman Reigns in recent months.

“I think we’re both very satisfied with our body of work and we both could’ve walked away, we both could’ve said okay, we’ve made a lot of money, caused a lot of commotion, been on top for many years. What a body of work, Hall of Fame careers, both of us, but neither one of us were satisfied, neither one of us, our appetites were insatiated.

We knew that as 2020 became a seismic shift in the entire, not just the entire WWE Universe, the actual Universe itself, that there was an opportunity to craft a new narrative, a new trajectory, a new level of greatness that’d never been achieved, a different approach to the presentation and we both wanted to take the shot at it and we both wanted to see just how much we could transform this industry, set the trend and blaze a path that no one had had the balls to blaze before and we were on the same page, so that’s why this is different than anybody else I’ve ever worked with.

Our reputations are cemented, our Hall of Fame careers are in the books and yet, we are both probably doing, I know Roman Reigns is doing the best work of his entire career and it’s only just begun.”

The interview is available in full at this link.