Paul Heyman was a guest in-studio on PIX 11 News in New York city tonight during their 10pm news broadcast with Scott Stanford and announced that he will be appearing as a guest at Jim Ross’ one-man show at the Gotham Comedy Club on Friday, August 18th, two days before the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Stanford mentioned that Heyman stated on WWE Monday Night RAW that WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar would be leaving the WWE if he lost the title at WWE SummerSlam and that Heyman stated that he would do the same, with Stanford questioning if that is indeed true.

Heyman said that for the 7 years that he ran Extreme Championship Wrestling, he always upheld stipulations and said that he always upheld stipulations, noting that that he has turned down pitched WWE storylines where he would have broken stipulations and said that he was authorized to say what he said by Brock Lesnar and that if Brock Lesnar did not leave the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view on August 20th with the WWE Universal Championship, then both of them will be gone from the WWE. Stanford asked Heyman that if Brock Lesnar left, would Jon Jones be next for him for the potential super-fight in the UFC, to which Heyman said that he would refer to what Lesnar said about Jon Jones.