Speaking through his official Facebook page, EVOLVE Wrestling superstar Peter Kaasa provided an update on his injuries suffered during the EVOLVE 76 iPPV event during Royal Rumble weekend.

“To my family, friends, and fans, upon receiving medical evaluations after the unfortunate equipment malfunctions during the Evolve taping in San Antonio January 27th, I have decided to take a hiatus from professional wrestling. I won’t say retirement as I am not sure right now. Because of the rope breaking, I have a moderately bulging disc in my cervical spine that has been causing a lot of discomfort and pain and stiffness on a daily basis since the accident.

To actually have gotten up after what happened in the ring that night was a miracle in itself let alone finishing the match and being able to still do all I am doing now. (Superhuman stuff Lol) I am thankful to the Lord for the blessing of still being able to surf and go to the gym, learn jiujitsu, and even as simple as walk to my car. I am sorry to those of you this news disappoints. I am torn what to do or think at the moment as well. To wrestle would mean worsening my injury and placing my body in even more jeopardy. The 15-30 minutes in the ring is all most people see.

It is the reward for me and for you guys. But the countless hours, days, months, years (my whole life basically) I’ve put in to becoming an elite world class athlete and one of the top highflyers in the wrestling world will never be understood fully looking in from the outside. It’s not easily grasped how much effort and dedication it has taken unless you’ve lived it yourself. With that said I want to apologize to you guys and also say encouragement would be very much appreciated over any criticism or negativity.

To my friends who have followed my short career, you know this is the 3rd serious injury I have suffered and this one though the outcome was ok, could have been the most life threatening/career ending one. I don’t feel like I’ve missed my goal. I am very grateful for what I have accomplished thus far. The saying is you shoot for the moon and if you fall short, you’ll still be amongst the stars. But I don’t feel we fell short at all… I feel we went past the moon and came back again.

Thanks for taking the Superhuman detour journey with me guys. I love many of y’all very much. The sun’s still shining. Take a moment to see ????????”