In a recent interview with the Ringsiders Wrestling podcast, Petey Williams discussed several topics, including how he was aligned with Scott Steiner on TNA Wrestling television at the time.

“Steiner was great, I don’t know why he liked me, he has that reputation of being a bully back in the WCW locker room and stuff. When we first met, he tried to bully me a little bit and I was like get out of here, I wasn’t taking any of his crap and I think that just gained his respect right away, he saw that I worked out, I took care of myself, I ate nutritiously, did fancy moves like him I guess, because he used to be the king of the innovative moves and I treated him with respect and he treated me with respect and it was just a good pairing.

They kind of just threw us both at the wall to see if we would stick together and we did and I remember, I almost got fired or let go before our pairing, I know they gave me one of the Feast or Fired matches and I won and I said I wanted to do this Maple Leaf Muscle character and Vince Russo wasn’t buying it, but I said, you know it’ll work and he said okay fine, so I did this backstage promo and then, it was pre-taped and he said to me, Petey that was a great promo, I like where you’re going with this character, he’s like however, that character that you’re presenting in that promo right now, it has to transition to the ring, so I had like one shot to get it done and so, we had a four-way match, it was myself, Scott Steiner, Road Dogg and Christopher Daniels.

We were the four Feast or Fired winners and I did like a little interaction with Steiner where I did his elbow drop or whatever and I did some push-ups with them and we just kind of had a little moment and when I got to the back, Russo pulled me aside and was like, Petey come here and I’m like oh no and he said, why didn’t you tell me sooner that you could do that, oh my god, that was great out there, I have so many ideas for you and Steiner, all this kind of stuff and he was just going on and on and they said, later on down the line, I see you guys making a good team and stuff like that. Well, instantly, they had us feud for like a month or two and then instantly, we were a team.”

The interview is available in full at this link.