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WWE Divas The Bella Twins joined Busted Open with Dave Lagreca and Doug Mortman. You can hear Busted Open on Sirius 92, XM 208 and on the app on Sports Zone.

On how was it to have very personal moments filmed for TV and the major personalities involved in Total Divas:

Nikki: “Right well that’s the one thing that’s going to be amazing about Total Divas is they do capture these real moments that we have in our life that you usually keep so private and now the whole world’s gonna see it. And you know I actually like it cause some people can learn from those real moments and they can actually relate to us. Which is awesome and like that moment with John (Cena), here this one’s (Brie) ring shopping and gets me all excited and I just want to start talking about things. I mean I’m a woman, can you blame me? I found the man of my dreams so I wanna, you know just lock him down.”

Brie: “Well and I think that’s the cool thing too about WWE and E! collaborating on this project is that the WWE Universe is gonna be so excited to see their superstars and divas interacting together. But I think the great thing with the E! audience is that they’re gonna be introduced to not only to the superstars and divas but they’re gonna see these real relationships which is what the E! audience loves.”

On the two of them picking complete opposite guys in Daniel Bryan and John Cena:

Nikki: “Well you would be shocked that The Bella Twins have different personalities. Brie: That we are actually very opposite even though we are identical twins. Nikki: Night and day.

Brie: But when you look at both, Daniel Bryan and John Cena, that is exactly who Nikki and I are. I love everything—

Nikki: She likes beards and hair—

Brie: I respect the beard—

Nikki: And I don’t like hair. Brie: Yes the more grunge to the clean cut. But that’s Nikki.”

On how John Cena and Daniel Bryan actually get along:

Nikki: “Oh awesome.”

Brie: “They get along great.”

Nikki: “Yes, that’s why I’m really excited for Summerslam in August because we’re going to see them battle it out. And they are friends. They like each other. They get along so I’m actually excited to see some you know like fists getting thrown. And getting a little rough.

Brie: “There might be some fighting going on here, backstage.”

Nikki: “We’ll probably have the bigger fight actually saying who’s gonna win.”

On if it’s hard to deal with all the hate John Cena gets from wrestling fans and if it affects them in real life:

Nikki: “Actually you know everyone’s really cool and sweet to him. I think it’s more a fun thing for the fans when you’re live at a show to do the Cena chants. So I think that’s more fun for the crowd but when we’re out in the public and the times that I’ve been with him, everyone is so sweet to him. Everyone wants to meet him and get his autograph. And he does that for everyone. So it’s—I only see that type of stuff when we’re actually at shows. So I think it’s just more fun for the audience because he is the face of the company. He’s been the face of the company for a long time so it’s like they’re having fun with him.

Nikki on if John has a secondary wardrobe and his fashion sense: “Umm yes. A very big secondary wardrobe. He actually—he loves, he’s getting like a lot into fashion which is really cute and he’ll probably kill me for saying that. But he like knows his fashion. He’s so well dressed. He’s getting into linens right now which is so fricking cute. ”

One thing about Daniel Bryan and John Cena that we are going to learn from watching Total Divas:

Nikki: “I mean I don’t know if we should give it away. I think you kind of got to tune in and see what you’ll learn.”

Brie: “I think one thing with Daniel and myself that you’ll see is that I think people are going to be shocked how long we’ve been together. And how serious we are. Cause I think—you know we never came out, we just kind of let our relationship come out as people saw us more together. But I think when people tune in to Total Divas they will be shocked to see how far along and where Bryan and I are at in our lives. And I think the WWE Universe especially will be like, What?! And the E! audience will just love it.”

Nikki: “And I guess with John, you’ll definitely get to see a sensitive side of him. I think everyone’s always seen the superhero, now you’re going get to see him as a real person. And in a relationship so I think the WWE Universe will actually really enjoy seeing that.”

On if Total Divas will show the appeal of Daniel Bryan even more:

Brie: “Exactly. I totally think that and the one thing is that when the cameras are on with the reality show, I was blown away just how—like Bryan, the Bryan I know, I didn’t know if people were going to see that when the cameras were on. Cause you never know how people can get. And you will definitely see how charming he is, how sweet he is. There’s something about Bryan that people just can’t help but fall in love with. And it’s cause he is such a sweet, humble person. And that really shines through on the show and I have to say too, he’s hilarious. It’s not just his character on WWE but just alone as a person he’s really funny and they capture that. At times I’m like Oh my god you’re showing me up. Like hey this is my show.

Nikki: Yeah I have to agree with Brie, you see a very cool side of Bryan.

Brie: And I think the E! audience is going to be like what is with this guy? There’s something about him. I think they’ll definitely tune into WWE Raw or Smackdown to see more.”

Nikki: “I think a lot of people after this show airs are gonna start growing beards because girls are going to be into it. After they see Daniel Bryan.”

Brie: “That is right! Damn I’m going to have to protect my man. I’m gonna be like UHH! (flexes) Well at least I’m a wrestler, right? I know the moves. No one’s gonna get near him.”

On if Vince had anything about the wardrobe malfunction on this past Monday Night Raw:

Brie: “Well the thing is though we are PG and you know it is a lot it my fault. I was taped in. Austin, Texas the humidity. And you know but that is on me. And of course our company is going to be bummed about it. Yes and I apologized cause I was completely embarrassed. That’s not me. That’s the last thing I want the world to see. So you know I was really embarrassed and I think too being a woman, that’s the last thing you want. So I was bummed out but you know hey show must go on. And you just learn from it and now you know I’m going to be 20 pieces of taped in, instead of 10.”

On the state of the Diva’s division and if they love being pro wrestlers or entertainers:

Brie: “We love entertaining but we love being pro wrestlers. Like Nikki and I when we left in that 11 months, all we could think about was how much we missed the ring. Like we love being in there, we love trying to come up with new things. We just love wrestling. It’s something that we just are so addicted to and you know the fun thing I think what you get to see from The Bella Twins a lot is we don’t do the same things all the time. We’re always doing something different and we just hope like with Total Divas that it’s going to bring more storylines. Not just for two divas but for all of the roster. And all of the divas having great storylines, seeing us more in the ring. And that’s why it’s like we want people to always come out to WWE Live because the divas do get 10 minute matches Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So that’s why we’re always like everyone come see us at WWE Live because you’ll actually gonna really see the action of the divas. But we love wrestling.

Nikki: Yeah love it. I’m excited because there is some—right before I had to get on crutches, there’s a few moves that I came up with. Like very unique, what no one’s done and I was like OH! I can’t do it now for like 12 weeks.

Brie: But I have to say, even though Nikki’s going to be like ugh, but since she has been on crutches the last five weeks I’ve been lucky enough to wrestle Naomi on the Live events.”

Nikki: “Ugh”

Brie: “But I’ve had so much fun having single matches and I just like—I love tagging with my sister –

Nikki: Single matches are a lot more fun.

Brie: But just having single matches and just owning it on my own has been so much fun.”

Nikki: “Well this Monday night you’ll—”

Brie: “Actually you’ll catch Natalya and I.”

Nikki: “Very good match.”

On what injury Nikki is dealing with right now:

Nikki: “So it’s a—I have a stress fracture in my right tibia. And I’ve already been on crutches for five weeks, I have three weeks left. And then four weeks after that I’ll just have to you know be careful with it and see the growth of the bone and what I can do.”

How did the injury happen: “Nikki: It was over time. Just wrestling and hiding an injury which was lesson learned that the minute you feel pain get something checked out. And I just wanted to keep on going and not be sidelined and you get to the point that you just can’t keep going anymore, your leg just stops.”

On why they took an 11 month hiatus:

Brie: “Well we just you know, we were going five years strong and I just think too like we just thought ok let’s take a break because we never took a break. We went year round, nonstop. And also I think business wise too it’s like let’s—let them miss us a little bit, the WWE Universe. Kind of get ourselves together and then come back strong. Be like the Bellas are back! And everyone be like yes!

Nikki: We don’t want them to get sick of us.

Brie: And I think too at our ages you get to a point too, we’re 29 years old almost 30—”

Nikki: “Brie, you’re not supposed to say that.”

Brie: “But we look 20. I did get carded the other day. I was like thanks. But you know the thing is too as a woman you need to walk away a little bit and go ok when do I want to be a mother and a wife?”

Nikki: “Whoa girl. She keeps talking about this mother stuff. I’m not ready for any of that.”

Brie: “She’s not. But you do think about that and unfortunately I can’t be pregnant and wrestle. But when we did leave I’m like you know what I’m nowhere near ready . I think around five more years I’ll start having babies.”

Nikki: “She has it all planned out.”

Brie: “Oh my god I am one of those.”

Nikki: “Poor Bryan.”

Brie: “What do you mean poor Bryan? He’s right there with me. We got our like five year plan.”

On if we are going to see the Bellas defending their turf or being mentors to the younger divas:

Nikki: “Umm both. Defending our turf definitely with like the Funkadactyls. And even with the newbie Eva Marie trying to be like a Bella twin. But also us giving advice to Eva Marie and JoJo. And even at times the Funkadactyls too because we’ve been here for so long. And we’ve been through everything. So we definitely give advice but hey it’s entertainment. So you give advice but then you’re like ok now don’t go trying to take my spot.”

Brie: “You watch them close.”

Nikki: “You do. It’s entertainment.”

Brie: “You’ll definitely see Nikki and I not being The Bella Twins. We’re being ourselves on Total Divas. We aren’t being our characters so you’ll be actually like oh my gosh they’re really sweet or they are nice. But then you will see the times where it’s like whoa. That was a little Bella.

Nikki: “Can’t help it once you put on the outfit. Once you put on the Bella outfit, you go Bella.”

On if the Total Diva storylines are going to cross over to the Bryan/Cena storyline going into Summerslam:

Nikki: “Umm you know I have actually no idea. We did our first or I guess our second Total Divas segment this past Monday. So I have no idea. As of now, no. Brie and I will have our own war backstage in separate rooms. So I’m not sure. It’s kind of tough because we are characters on WWE and Total Divas is real. So it could be confusing to intertwine them both but you never know.”

On how they felt about their match being cut at Wrestlemania 29:

Nikki: “Oh that definitely hurt. And what’s great about tuning into Total Divas, especially cause I think it’s this Sunday that episode airs, is the cameras were still rolling. They have us walking to Gorilla, us getting cut, and walking out of Gorilla. They have it all on tape. They have our reactions, how we felt after. They have it all on tape and you’re gonna see it all on the episode.

Brie: And I think people at first were like oh was that for the Total Divas show? It’s like no. It absolutely wasn’t.

Nikki: That was one of the worst feelings ever to get.”

Brie: “Ready to go out and—”

Nikki: “Brie and I have our full top hats and veil and our gloves. We have full like—it was New York so we wanted a Frank Sinatra feel. Like New York, New York and we had our canes. The minute they told us it was cut the hat started to droop.”

Brie: “It was heart wrenching.”

Nikki: “It felt like doing the walk of shame.”

Brie: “But it was like really—you’ll see on us, it was really hard. It was really sad but we just hope you know maybe we make it up this year. We can have a revenge match in New Orleans. “