Inside The Ropes Radio sent out the following:

‘The Total Package’ Lex Luger joined Inside The Ropes radio on Thursday night. Highlights are as follows:

Partying with Ric Flair: “Limosuine riding jet flying, that was the lifestyle. Ric would stay up so late, riding around the town. Early in my career, when I was riding with him….He always checked into real fancy hotels, so he checked into this fancy hotel in Sacramento so I did too, but by the time we got there, we checked in and had to go straight to the arena, then we stayed out all night, and when we got back to the hotel, we had a flight to catch, I got into the room and lay down on the bed for like ten seconds and had to grab my bag and go check out. Now this was the 80s and the room cost $500, I almost fell over in the lobby. I was so mad at Ric. I just spent $500 on a room I never got to stay in and Ric said “All part of the image enhancement Lex, all part of the image enhancement”

Why he joined the WBF instead of WWF in 1992: “Vince is the genius of marketing. I still had a one year no compete agreement with WCW left so Vince had me join the WBF to segway me into my career with the WWF. He really had no intention of me being a bodybuilder, neither did I.”

Why his WrestleMania IX match with Mr Perfect wasn’t well received: “It was the first time I did an outdoor event. vegas is like a fun goofy town. in the match I thought I had a day off working with Curt. They thought ‘we better give Lex, Curt so he has a good match’ We went over the match all day and when we got in the ring to lock up, Curt had an off day! I’m sitting back not thinking about the match. You can see the look in my eyes during the match when Curt forgot the match. It was so funny. We managed to get through the match. I was almost in a state of shock when Curt asked me in the match “What are we doing?”

Thoughts on the booking at WrestleMania X with Lex, Bret Hart and Yokozuna: “Vince had a very special relationship with MSG, Vince thought everyone expected me to win the belt at SummerSlam but he said “if we do decide to put the belt on you, lets do it at WrestleMania in Madison Square Garden instead, that’s where I’d like to do it” I was never promised but that was the thinking. I didn’t know who would win between Yoko and Bret, I just knew I wasn’t going to. I only heard by chance. My family came to the event and when Vince heard my wife was coming, he thought I was only bringing them because I thought I was going to win the belt, but that’s not the case. ”

To hear the full interview where Lex talks about The Narcissist gimmick, turning face on July 4th, being the first man to beat Hogan clean on Nitro to win the WCW title, why he thought the nWo Wolfpac was so hot in 1998, his relationship with Miss Elizabeth and much more, head over to