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Dawn Marie made a surprise appearance in the VOC Wrestling Nation on WNJC 1360 Philadelphia in an attempt to clear her company, Wrestler’s Rescue, from the current smear campaign launched by Kamala and The Blue Meanie. Show host “The Voice of Choice” Bruce Wirt hit her with all of the hard questions, and you can decide for yourself whether you believe her.

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Here are some highlights:

How did this controversy start?

“About a month and a half ago, we started a campaign for Kamala because he lost his feet. We originally were going to help Marty Janetty, but with Kamala’s challenges we decided to do him first.”

Did Kamala know that the campaign was happening?

“I spoke to him on the 18th and he seemed like he needed some of the money. Normally I wait until I have more money, but I was able to send him $500. I am still on a restricted Paypal account so I can only send $500 at a time anyway. It takes 2-3 days to transfer money to my account from Paypal; I wrote the check on the 20th and sent it out. He received it on the 26th and decided to send it back to me. He went as far as to put it in a new envelope, write my address, and send it back to me.”

Why would Kamala turn down money?

“I wish someone would give me the answer; I don’t understand. I heard from a thirdy party that he said he didn’t get it fast enough. I couldn’t get it to him any faster. I made a 17 minute video to offer him to take the money back.”

What happens to the donations?

“Any fan who donated money is free to get it back. Nobody as of yet has asked for their money back.”

Have you ever talked to Kamala privately before all of this?

“I’ve never met him before. I never even spoke to him until I decided to try to help him, and he seemed like a really nice man. I’m saddened that after 17 years of my career, this is what my legacy will be. I didn’t do anything wrong but try to help someone.”

Why is Wrestler’s Rescue Always Under Attack?

“The first time we were attacked was when a gentleman by the name of Michael Porter wanted help with rent. We don’t normally do that, but I decided to let him use our organization to solicit memorabilia donations and sell them on our ebay site. He never sent me proof of an eviction notice and some of the other things I had asked for, so I refused to send him money. He threatened to (smear the organization) if he didn’t get the money, and that’s what he did.  Now Blue Meanie is going around saying that I’m a con artist because I collected autographed photos from him for a campaign I was going to do for Jerry Lynn. I never got the campaign off the ground because of the previous smear campaigns. I offered to pay (Blue Meanie) $30 for his autographs, and he asked that I send it to Jerry Lynn; I then sent Jerry Lynn a check for $30.”

What kind of business is Wrestler’s Rescue?

“I have a FOR PROFIT business called “Wrestler’s Rescue”, and a NON PROFIT business called “Pro Wrestling Relief”. I am legally allowed to take a paycheck from each one, but I don’t.  Wrestler’s Rescue is a booking agency, and also generates money through an online store and discount health insurance programs for talent. Any profit from Wrestler’s Rescue at the end of the year goes into Pro Wrestling Relief.  Pro Wrestling Relief is a 501c3 non-profit that solely exists as a fundraising arm. All donations go straight to the non-profit arm.  To be honest with you, we are so dollar poor, that there isn’t any money available to be put into Pro Wrestling Relief. I have 2 kids to raise and I can’t come out of pocket anymore. Our website was even down for a few weeks because we ran out of money.”

Does Dawn Marie or Michelle Mupo collect a check from Wrestler’s Rescue?

“All of the work is pro bono. Not one person collects a check from Wrestler’s Rescue.”

Will your efforts continue?

“A few rotten apples may spoil the bunch but the tree still stands strong. I will continue to do this. If we were a scam, would Vince McMahon put his name behind us? There are too many people that need our help for us to quit now.”