No, you can’t make this one up folks!

According to a report from, 23-year-old John Miller, better known as J-Milz, filed suit on Monday afternoon against Clinton Woosley, better known on the independent scene as Guido Andretti, after it was alleged that Mr. Woosley kicked Mr. Miller in the nads and caused one of Mr. Miller’s testicles to burst.

The incident took place at a Coliseum Championship Wrestling event last June in Evansville, Indiana where Miller claims that Woosley went off the script and violently kicked him between the legs. Miller did not have health insurance and states that he owes over $20,000 for surgery to remove his testicle and faces an uncertain future as a result of the injury.

The full report is available at this link, with a press release on the matter available at this link or by viewing the images below.