Pro Wrestling EVE announced that the promotion has entered into a Code of Conduct agreement with the Equity UK trade union.

The statement in full reads, “EVE – Riot Grrrls of Wrestling is pleased to announce that we have agreed to a Code of Conduct for the engagement of performers with Equity UK. Equity is the trade union for professional performers. We understand this Code is the first of its kind. The Code of Conduct sets out EVE’s terms and conditions in writing, provides union recognition, a Dignity at Work policy, as well as giving access and time for talent to engage with the union.

This Code of Conduct is a culmination of talks that began over eighteen months ago between EVE and Equity UK. We believe there are clear benefits for talent to be part of the union, including accident insurance for talent injured at work, as well as public liability and backstage insurance. Union membership also provides confidential legal advice and support, even when talent are working for promoters who do not recognise the union. Equity Members have access to representation in contractual disputes, as well as geting help with tax & welfare guidance.

In continuing our commitment to the performers, we at EVE will subsidise the membership subscription of any artist booked on our show for that given month. EVE sees the unionisation of independent performers as extremely important in this ever changing and fast developing wrestling scene, especially right now, here in the UK. More details will be released in the coming weeks.”