The following results are from a recent Real Canadian Wrestling event. The event took place on June 17th, 2023 at the Royal Canadian Legion Norwood Branch 178 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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Singles Match
Kat Von Heez defeated Dark Sheik.

Singles Match
Syd Greed defeated Barricade.

RCW Canadian Heavyweight Championship Match
Mitch Clarke (c) defeated Big Jesse Youngblood.

Tag Team Match
Old School Violence (Steve Wilde & Vince Austin) defeated Rick Jules & Syd Greed.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Ava Lawless & Harlon Abbott defeated Alix Rain & Quin Hawksley.

Triple Threat Match For The RCW North American Championship
Nate Nixon (c) defeated Kato and KB6.

6 Man Tag Team Match
CJ King, Dean Richtor and Jack O’Connor defeated The RADz (Larry Woods, Rich King & Ty Jackson).