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Former WWE Personality and Author of the brand new Cook Book, Messy in the Kitchen, Renee Paquette joined The Rack to talk all about her new book, the process behind the book, favorite cooking stories, the best cook in wrestling and so much more.

What the process was like creating the book: “I’ve always kinda wanted to do it. So I have been tweeting about it and posting about it and I knew there were recipes that I wanted to have in a cookbook, whenever I was going to do one. So once I was able to join up with Post Hill Press and Permuted Press and be able to get this book up and running, I mean I only had about ten recipes under my belt and I ended up with sixty to seventy, so I only had about three months to write the book. By the time we got everything together and they are like hey here is the deadline, I was like oh damn, I have a lot of work to do. So I did all of it in like a three-four month period. It was a lot of trial and error, like what recipes work, what doesn’t work, what needs to be adjusted, what do I want this book to look like, what are the categories going to be. There was a lot of stuff that I have to sift through and I am just such a cookbook fan that I was like going back to other books that I really liked and getting some inspiration and other people to see just what I wanted this book to look like. So yeah, it was a hell of an experience, I loved doing it, I had such a blast writing the book.”

The Casualness of the book: “Cooking can seem overwhelming or like you don’t know how to cook or you don’t know what you are doing, its all just food, we all are just playing around with food, we all have to eat at some point anyway, so might as well learn how to make some good meals while we are at it. I didn’t want to have any bit of stuffiness at all with the book, its all suppose to just to be fun. Its all super loose. There is no pressure, there is no quota to be met with any recipe you are making. Roll up the sleeves, pour a nice glass of wine and get in the kitchen.”

Favorite Spot to Eat on the road: “We have a lot of go to places when we are traveling, there is a place we always go to when we are in Memphis called Westy’s, its just this great, hole in the wall kind of restaurant-bar deal and they have really great Memphis Barbecue of course, their menu is really really great. We have a couple of places in Seattle that we like to go to get some really great fresh sushi. I would love to sift through yelp and see what some of the best places were. When you are in the same places so often, things do change, new restaurants pop up or you might try one place one time and then the next time you are somewhere else, you know, try a different spot, but yeah, Westy’s is a place we would always come back to anytime we were in Memphis.”

Best Cook in Wrestling: “I hate to admit it, but I would probably give it to Baron Corbin. I mean that guy knows how to throw down on his grill, on his smoker. He is no slouch in the kitchen, I would definitely give the nod to Baron Corbin on this one. But he is like a snob too, like he is like a food snob for sure. Like depending on what butcher he goes to, like which different seasonings he is using, he spares no expense. Like his outdoor kitchen is no joke, I am quite envious of it, it looks amazing. The fact that he has that pizza oven outside, his smoker setup, his barbecue, he’s got it going on. Don’t tell him I said that, don’t let him know I gave him my acknowledgment. ”

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