WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon is considering the idea of putting his son, Shane McMahon, into the role of the new lead writer of the WWE RAW brand, according to a report from Alex McCarthy of SportsKeeda who notes that while Shane will be writing the show, Vince will still have the final say on the creative end.

The report notes that the reason for this idea is due to Bruce Prichard being in charge of both the WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown brands right now, as he took over the creative for both brands when Vince McMahon decided to remove Paul Heyman as the Executive Director of the RAW brand, with the feeling that Shane becoming the new lead writer on RAW would allow Prichard to have his primary focus on the SmackDown brand.

The report adds that Shane was the person who came up with the idea for the RAW Underground segments, as well as the usage of talents on the show, while Bruce Prichard has made no secret about the fact that he would like to lighten his workload, as he has been struggling with the long hours.