Major League Wrestling have released Bu Ku Dao, Leo Brien and Beastman from their deals with the promotion today, according to news first reported by Mike Johnson of

The report notes that while Major League Wrestling have not publicly announced the releases, the roster is being cut as part of an edict by MLW CEO Court Bauer to shorten the MLW events as there was an unhappiness within the promotion about the length of the recent MLW Fightland taping being 15 matches in length.

The report adds that Bauer had already decreed that will not be happening in the future and that while they had a lot of content that they needed to tape at the time, there was a belief that the company had gotten into a bad habit of having too much on the shows, burning out the live crowd, with the plan to try and keep things to a three-hour run-time going forward, even if that means that there are less matches or talents booked per show.