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RetroMania Wrestling confirmed for Nintendo Switch release

Collegeville, Pennsylvania – Retrosoft Studios, LLC is very proud to announce that RetroMania Wrestling will see an official release on the Nintendo Switch. RetroMania Wrestling, which will be released in the first quarter of 2020, is the spiritual successor to the 1991 arcade classic WrestleFest, a game that is still loved by pro wrestling fans around the globe today.

Sporting incredible 2D sprites, beautiful backgrounds, and a fast-paced arcade style game play that both wrestling fans and gamers will love, RetroMania Wrestling will deliver a fresh alternative to the current landscape of video games in the professional wrestling genre. The game will feature 2-8 player local multiplayer, 16 wrestling superstars at launch, and several match types including one-on-one bouts, tag team action, and the classic Battle Royal.

The game’s roster currently features names known to fans worldwide, such as Hawk and Animal of The Road Warriors, Tommy Dreamer, Colt Cabana, The Blue World Order, Zack Sabre Jr, and Austin Idol. RetroMania Wrestling will be adding additional stars as the game gets closer to the release date. Fans of WrestleFest will remember that Hawk and Animal were the Champions in the arcade, and now they’re back on the Nintendo Switch.

Not only that, but with over 700 frames of animations, multiple attires for each wrestler, ring entrances and so much more, wrestling fans will enjoy this new look on a classic. Retrosoft Studios, LLC is absolutely thrilled that Nintendo Switch owners will be able to step into the ring and play RetroMania Wrestling when it releases early next year.

RetroMania Wrestling is the spiritual successor to the classic arcade game WrestleFest that was released in 1991 by Technos of Japan. It will be a “pick up and play” arcade wrestling game with beautiful 2D sprites, incredible backgrounds and fast-paced arcade style game play. Visit for more information on the game and to keep up-to-date with future roster additions and gameplay announcements. For updates, you can also follow @RetrosoftStudio on Twitter, as well as Facebook and Instagram.