In an update on reported talks between WWE and former World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio, a report from Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that the talks between both sides were never that serious to begin with and that Mysterio did not want a PR role or a Legends contract, as he can make far more money working dates for various promotions around the globe and if he was going to work dates for the WWE, he wanted a contract similar to Brock Lesnar, where he could work limited dates with the freedom to work on side projects.

The report notes that despite reports, Konnan has stated that if there were serious talks between Mysterio and the WWE, but they did not want to deal with him, that he would have stepped aside to not prevent Rey Mysterio from getting a deal to return, however, right now, it appears that Mysterio is favoring joining Global Force Wrestling because their limited taping schedule and lack of a regular touring schedule fits what he wants perfectly.

The report also states that Mysterio is losing faith in Lucha Underground since they have not set taping dates for a new season and do not have anything in place to generate revenue, such as merchandise, t-shirts and more for the future and that he was pitched, but not promised a movie as part of his deal with Lucha Underground, which has not materialized.