WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was a recent guest on ESPN Radio’s Dan LeBatard show where he discussed the release of his WWE book “Second Nature”, as well as his recent health issues.

During the interview, Flair admitted that he drank too much and that drinking after wrestling for him became a way of life and that set him on the stage to his health issues that landed him in the hospital last month and on a life support machine for 10 days. Flair revealed that he will be using a colostomy bag for the next 6 months, but that he has left the rehab center and is now at home.

Flair said that obviously, he can not do anything in sports, but beyond that, he feels great and said that while he was on a life support machine, he could hear things that were going on around him and compared it to dreaming without being able to wake up and said that they had him tied down, because even in that state, he was trying to get up out of his bed.

Flair was then asked about never drinking again and whether he can still be Ric Flair and the life of the party without drinking, to which Flair said that he can. Flair said that he is going to learn how to occupy his time and that not drinking again will not be hard. Flair said that when he went to rehab several years ago, he started smoking cigarettes to replace drinking and that he found it harder to give those up than he has found giving up drinking.