WWE released the following video featuring post-match footage of Ricochet after he was crowned the inaugural WWE Speed Champion, defeating Johnny Gargano in the final of the tournament.

“You know it’s been a while since I’ve had some gold around my waist, what a pretty waist it is for a pretty title.

It’s funny, like I said out there, I told everybody the same way that The Rock was the most electrifying man, so much so that they had to give him his own show, and they called it SmackDown, WWE thought the same about Ricochet, they said Ricochet is one of the most polarizing characters, one of the most polarizing athletes in all of WWE, let’s give him his own show, we’ll call it WWE Speed, because everybody needs to see a little bit more of the highlight of the night, everybody needs to see a little bit more of the front runner, and what a front runner I am.

To be your new WWE Speed Champion, whether it’s three minutes, whether it’s five minutes, whether it’s twenty minutes, people need to see Ricochet and this shows that is nothing but the truth, so as long as I’m holding this title, I welcome anybody that wants to come challenge. Three minutes, you put everything you’ve got to the test, three minutes, five minutes, you put everything that you have to the test, let’s see if you can come take it from me.”