In an update on Ricochet (a/k/a Prince Puma) and his current deal with Lucha Underground, he will reportedly not be free of his contract with the company until January 16th, 2018 unless they tape a fourth season of the show, with the expectation that Ricochet will attempt to get out of his deal and head to WWE, according to The Wrestling Observer.

Meanwhile, in regards to Lucha Underground, the report notes that producers are shopping around the show to other networks, with the belief that the El Rey Network will not fund the show in full, however the problem that is facing the promotion is that at the previous level, it cost almost $400,000 per episode for them, which will be a tough sell as the show averages between 100,000 to 175,000 viewers per week.

If the show does move off the El Rey Network, it should be noted that El Rey, as well as Robert Rodriguez will still maintain an ownership stake in the promotion.