Ring of Honor Wrestling superstar ACH, who is currently signed to an exclusive deal with the company will not be signing another deal and is expected to finish up when that deal ends, according to a report from PWInsider.com who note that while it is possible that he could be used down the line on a per-date basis, the two sides will be parting ways.

The report notes that several weeks ago, ACH, who has been with Ring of Honor since 2012, worked a pair of events for AAW’s Jim Lynam Memorial events in Illinois and at one of the events, took to the mic to make veiled comments that many believed were about Ring of Honor and comments that upset a number of people in the ROH locker room that felt that ACH was being disrespectful, especially since he would not have been able to work the event without getting permission from someone in ROH management and that ROH management met with ACH at the next set of ROH events.